Financial Advisers, Tax Advisers, and Attorneys

By being in the field that you are in, you have proven that you have an incredible wealth of knowledge.  However, qualified retirement plans, such as 401(k) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, and Cash Balance Plans,  are regulated by a very unique set of the tax code that many advisers do not have an in depth working knowledge of.

In order for a qualified retirement plan to be successful, it requires a strong team behind it, and we pride ourselves on being a team player.  The Financial Adviser typically helps the client identify their goals, whether it be for tax planning or retirement planning.  The Tax Adviser makes sure that the plan is actually providing the intended tax benefit when considering the client’s entire tax situation.  The Attorney reviews the plan to ensure that it fits into the client’s business and estate planning appropriately.

Our job is to work with the client’s team of advisers to ensure that the retirement plan is meeting all of the client’s goals and is updated as goals evolve.

Relationships Matter

We do not have an external sales team, which means that 100% of our business comes from referrals by clients and their outside advisors.  We understand that by referring a client to us, our performance has an impact on your reputation.  We believe that by providing excellent service to your clients, we help to improve your value proposition, and we hope that this will make you think of us when you have future retirement plan opportunities.

Not only do we strive to provide an exceptional client experience, we also serve as a resource for you.  Any time you have a question related to qualified retirement plans, you can reach out to us, and even if the question is outside of our normal area of practice, we can point you in the right direction.  We are always happy to help.


PlanSponsorLink is our online client portal.  We use this as our annual data collection tool, and we post all of our clients’ current plan documents and two years annual compliance reports and participant notices so that they have access to the reports at any time.  PlanSponsorLink also has a simple secure file transfer option that will allow you to send us sensitive information (such as employee census information or asset statements) without having to worry about file size or encrypting emails.

Many of our advisors and accountants are very involved in their client’s retirement plan activities, and we can grant you access to the PlanSponsorLink so that you can see all activity and documents for all of our mutual clients with one login.

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