Third Party Administrators

Actuarial Services

DF Pensions, Inc. provides back office actuarial support for traditional defined benefit plans and cash balance plans.  If you are a Third Party Administrator that does not have an actuary on staff, but has clients that need these types of plans, we can help you.

What do we do for you?

Frequently Asked Questions
Do we interact with your clients?

Since we are providing back office support to your firm, we generally do not have any direct contact with your clients.  You are responsible for general client contact, data collection, consulting, and deadline tracking.  At your request, we will join in on a conference call with you and your client.  This can be during the sales process or after plan installation.

Who is responsible for what?

Our service agreement is with your firm, so we prepare our work when you provide us the information necessary information and request the work be done.  We have a client portal that you will have access to that will show you all plans that we work on together that we have not received information for.  That way, it is easy for you to see what actuarial work is still outstanding.

Since you have the service agreement with your client, you are responsible for all client contact, data collection and deadline tracking.  We provide you with the actuarial schedules to the Form 5500, as well as the PBGC Premium Filings and Annual Funding Notice, if applicable, but you would be responsible for the non-actuarial schedules of the 5500, as well as the filing of the 5500 and following up with your client to ensure that PBGC premiums have been paid.

Generally, we try to be helpful with reminders if we see that a deadline is approaching and we have not received the information needed deliver the certification or filing.  We are not responsible for any late penalties or interest for missed deadlines if we have not received the information needed in a timely manner to prepare the necessary work.

How does the annual administration cycle work?

The annual administration cycle is very similar to the defined contribution cycle that you are used to, with a couple exceptions, and would look like this for a calendar year plan:

  • ASAP – Provide us with census and reconciled assets as early in the year as possible.  We will provide you with a client portal to submit all required information securely through the internet.
  • April 1st – Depending on the funded status of your plan, we may be required to certify the plan’s Adjusted Funding Target Attainment Percentage (the “AFTAP”)
  • July 31st – Initial Form 5500 due date.  Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans require a Schedule SB attachment, which we will provide to you.  The Schedule SB lists the dates and amounts of all contributions made for the year, so we cannot prepare this until all contributions have been funded.  Please provide us with the dates and amounts of all contributions as soon as the final contribution is made.
  • September 15th – The final deadline for contributions to meet minimum funding standards for the prior year (even if the client’s tax return has been extended past this date).
  • October 1st – The final deadline for AFTAP Certifications.  Failure to certify the AFTAP by this date results in a deemed AFTAP of less than 60%, which causes various benefit restrictions to active and requires a notice to participants describing the restrictions.
  • October 15th – Final 5500 Deadline and PBGC Premium Deadline (if applicable).
  • Summary Annual Report/Annual Funding Notice – Due 2 1/2 months after the due date of the Form 5500.  For plans not covered by the PBGC, you would prepare a Summary Annual Report, but we will prepare the Annual Funding Notice for plans that are covered by the PBGC.
How do we charge for our services?

We will provide you with a service agreement that outlines all the fees associated with our services, and we have designed our fees to be a fraction of what we would charge a full service client, which gives you the ability to quote your client a total fee that will cover our services and yours.  We invoice for work as it is delivered, and each month we will provide you with a statement showing all charges that have accumulated during the month.  Fees are due by the end of the following month.  Please keep in mind that since we bill when we deliver work to you, we may be billing you at different times than you may be billing your client.

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